Three campuses.
One vision.

Broadacres Academy was born out of a desire to create a place of learning where children could continue to learn naturally without fear, and maintain their natural love of learning throughout their school years and beyond.

Imagine a school where children never stop loving learning.
Imagine a school where children are always engaged and involved in their educational journey.
Imagine a school where children are recognised as unique and are not compared to each other on a performance curve.
Imagine a school where teachers understand and believe that learning is a journey of exploration.

What we Believe

We believe that learning is a journey of exploration, a collaboration between learner and teacher, inspired by curiosity, guided by professional insight and commitment, grounded in community values and focused on the natural development of each child’s potential.

Discover more about our exceptional learning spaces at each campus and how we cultivate experiences to help your child grow at Broadacres Academy.


12 Jul: A journey begins with a dream

The journey continues. Two teachers live the vision of creating a school where children thrive and continue their natural love of learning.

15 Dec: Broadacres Staff sing We are the World

Our fabulous Broadacres staff singing WE ARE THE WORLD Featuring Mrs Letcher and Mr Fourie and produced by Bruce Forbes….

10 May: Teaching preschoolers online – see the magic!

Teaching Preschool online? Challenge accepted! They said we couldn’t do it! We said “Challenge accepted!” As a preschool teacher I…


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