Covid-19 Response


On 31 December 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan City, China. ‘Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2’ (SARS-CoV-2) was confirmed as the causative agent of what we now know as ‘Coronavirus Disease 2019’ (COVID-19). Since then, the virus has spread worldwide.

On 23 March 2020, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a new measure to combat the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus in South Africa – a three-week nationwide lockdown with severe restrictions on travel and movement, supported by the South African National Defence Force – from midnight on Thursday, 26 March, to midnight on Thursday, 16 April. The President said more needed to be done to avoid “an enormous catastrophe” among the population.
Impact on Schools

This announcement had a huge impact on schools in South Africa. At Broadacres Academy – we were two weeks away from the end of Term 1. Within 48 hours, our staff had prepared home-learning packs which were collected by parents to assist them with completing the last two weeks of term by learning at home, while staying at home and adhering to the lockdown regulations.

There was much speculation about how and when schools would re-open and which grades would return to school first. We had to plan for various scenarios, and in order to be prepared for the second term which started on 5 May, the school worked on the assumption that we would not be returning on the 5 May. This meant that during the April holiday, the school management together with the staff prepared themselves for Term 2 being delivered via Distance Learning using the online platforms.

Distance Learning via Online Platforms

Level 4 Lockdown was announced being effective 1 May 2020, which meant that our plans for Distance Learning forged ahead. The school, parents and children navigated the unchartered territory of Distance Learning via various online platforms – and did an excellent job of this.

Broadacres Academy has remained up to date with Covid-19 protocols and is compliant with directives from Government. Our beautiful school building and our Operating Procedures are Occupational Health and Safety compliant.

Sustainability in uncertain times

We thank all our stakeholders for their unwavering commitment during this time of business unusual. To find out more about what the school the school is doing in this regard, please see the resources section below for communiques in this regard.

I must let you know that during our morning walks she always says we must hurry and not be late for her virtual class. She really enjoys seeing everyone. This is really a great initiative. I’m so glad we chose this school for her!

Most of my friends have kids in private schools but they are amazed at the things that Broadacres Academy does.  I must say that I’m really impressed, especially at your ECD as my daughter is there and this is the most important part of a child’s development.

This is such an amazing environment with such special teachers. My boys have simply thrived. Not only are they dedicated to our kids, but the teachers really do go above and beyond to encourage and uplift our children. I’m truly in love with this school.

The Broadacres Team have been absolutely incredible throughout this period. Incredibly happy to be part of the Broadacres Family during this time.

Thank you Broadacres Academy for the amazing book packs we received at the start of Lockdown. the Lego challenges, quizzes, check-ins, open communication and your proactive approach in having the online curriculum already set up and waiting for us! You have been truly amazing!

Wow! Hats off to you all for this new way of working! Q was more attentive than I thought he would be, so thank you for your help!

The teacher did such a great job. It was the first day for everyone, and something very new for the kids, but she handled it very well.

Thank you for all your hard work. We are embracing this new journey as best as possible and we appreciate Broadacres Academy!

I just want to really commend you guys and specifically the Grade 0 team.  But today was brilliant! M was kept busy and stimulated the entire morning. The activities were varied and creative. Everything was explained so well by the teachers. I am really truly impressed. Not only were the teachers well prepared, but they made it extremely easy for us as parents to “homeschool”.

Broadacres Academy  have really done a fantastic job with the online learning.

All the best and you are doing amazing work! We are blessed to be part of such a wonderful school and management.

Well done to the Broadacres team on the restructuring of the online learning. It is responsive and responsible. So many institutions could learn from you.

Big big congratulations to you and your team! It was a week of great learning all round…for kiddies, teachers and parents.

Want to congratulate you and you team for how well and skillfully you have embraced the opportunity to reinvent yourselves as educators! You are inspirations! Your kind little videos bring a sense of comfort to kids that only the security of familiarity brings. Thank you kindly.

What a beautiful assembly and the video of Mother’s Day was so special! Thank you for all your effort to putting it together! T absolutely loved having you in her Zoom meeting this week! Her face lit up. Thank you so much for all that you, Dylan, Andre and every teacher and staff member of the school are doing every day.