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The school and its three campuses are situated near to the suburbs of Lonehill, Fourways, Chartwell and Dainfern. The Preschool and Preparatory School are set on seven acres in the growing suburb of Broadacres. The High School campus is a mere 3km from the Preparatory School, on Cedar Road. (A morning shuttle bus runs from the Syringa Road campus to the Chartwell campus to accommodate older siblings.)

Security is of the utmost importance at Broadacres Academy. We prioritise the safety and well-being of our students, staff, and visitors. To ensure a secure environment, we have implemented control access boomed areas on all our campuses.

From well-equipped classrooms to advanced technology, we provide a modern learning environment that fosters innovation and growth. Our sport fields, courts and swimming pool are meticulously maintained and cater to a wide range of sporting activities, enabling our students to pursue their athletic passions. In addition, our playgrounds are designed with the utmost care to ensure safety while providing ample opportunities for exploration and physical development.

Schools in fourways | Broadacres Academy Preschool

Preschool Facilities

Our preschool learning environment provides a unique opportunity to inspire your child’s natural curiosity and learning in safe and relaxed surroundings.

Our facilities include spacious, well-equipped classrooms, large and safe age-appropriate playground areas and equipment, a well-stocked library, and our interactive farmyard. Our little ones love interacting with the animals in the relaxed, natural learning environment.

The two and three-year-old classes have customised potty-training bathrooms in the classroom.

Schools in broadacres | Broadacres Academy Preparatory School

Junior Prep School Facilities

Learning spaces that extend beyond the classroom.

Our Prep School has movable learning spaces, outdoor learning spaces and communal learning areas. Each class is spacious with doors that lead outside, so that learning spaces are not just limited to the classroom.

Our sporting facilities are geared to accommodate the usual Preparatory School sport offerings, including tennis, netball, soccer and cricket. Our hall is large enough to accommodate indoor physical literacy activities such as ball skills, dancing, karate, and mini tennis. The hall is also fully kitted out for school productions and drama.

We have two learn-to-swim pools for the Preschool and the Junior Preparatory children, with one being a stroke correction pool.

There is a dedicated Music room with three soundproof studios for individual music lessons.

  Broadacres Academy Prep School

A space where children can live out their love of learning.

The Communal Learning Areas (CLAs) are designed with the vision of having a space where children can express their creativity and drive their own learning. These are multi-faceted spaces where children can be creative through Art and Design and Technology.

Children can use this space to extend their reading, research and work on projects using technology. Children also consolidate the skills developed in the classroom through activities and projects in the CLA. This is a great initiative which enriches the learning experience beyond the classroom through team work and collaboration


We offer a bridging class for Gr 1 – 4 children who require specialised assistance, with the aim of integrating children back into mainstream classes in Grade 5 onwards. The purpose of having the bridging classes on the same campus is to give all children the opportunity for inclusivity, as well as to be integrated into the school and all the activities on offer.

This does not mean that we cater for children who may have developmental delays and other related barriers to learning and who still need the specialised environment established remedial schools offer.

We have a Learning Support Centre on site where Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Play Therapy are provided by professional practitioners, where necessary. The therapists are all independent and run their practices from our school facility.


Schools in broadacres | Broadacres Academy Preparatory School

New Senior Prep Campus - Coming in 2024!


We are thrilled about our bespoke Senior Preparatory campus development which breaks ground opposite the current High School campus. Situated in the Chartwell Conservancy, the Senior prep child is invited to reflect on their place in the world against the backdrop of ancient cultures and values, while equipped with skills to confidently navigate the ever-developing global future. This is a cutting-edge facility – complete with a SciTech lab for research, experiments and 3D printing.

Schools in fourways | Broadacres Academy High School

Senior Prep and High School Facilities

The High School campus includes a sports field, three tennis and netball courts, a basketball court and a full-size swimming pool (25m with 8 lanes). There are spaces dedicated to specialist subjects such as Music, Drama, Natural and Physical Science, Art and Design and Technology.

The Welcome Centre is where guests are welcomed on first entry to our beautiful school. Students pass by and through here each day. It houses our Reception area and sick bays. It is also the place of Khula Café, which is our very upmarket canteen/tuckshop. “Khula” means “to thrive” in isiZulu and this is the hallmark of everything we do and are at our High School. We are a school that aims to enable each person, whether adult or student, to thrive. Khula Café sells a range of healthy foods and works on a cashless basis. It is outsourced.


Here vegetable growing, planting, harvesting and uses in cooking, form part of the educational programme. Eating healthily and serving the community by growing our own vegetables and then making soup for people in need, is part of how we become “Habit Champions” – one of our 4 key pillars of an “Education to Thrive”

There are three obstacle courses which wind their way through our school: 500m; 750m and 1km. As the students follow the printed hoof tracks through the school, they will encounter obstacles specifically designed to develop fine and gross motor coordination and improve physical fitness. The course is part of being a “Habit Champion” – one of our 4 key pillars of education to thrive. (The other pillars are being “purpose driven contributors”; “summit climbers” and “deeply connected relationship builders”.)

This is a particular learning space, where “collaboration” can take place through integrated study. Students should not learn in silos of specific subjects. The world is an integrated place where different areas, subjects, passions, and skills occur in an integrated fashion. For example, a chair designer needs to know about Mathematics (angles etc), Science (gravity and forces etc); Art (so that the chair looks beautiful), Business Economics (so that good sales can be made), Accountancy (so that the chair-producing company may make profit) and much, much more. The Colab space is filled with light. It is a relaxing place to stimulate creativity. Please note the beautiful furniture too!

Each laboratory has been equipped with water, gas, AC and DC electricity outlets, so that the best experiments may be conducted to enhance learning. Please note the blinds, especially sourced for the experiments requiring special UV lighting! This world births our future scientists, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, inventors, and healers, amongst others.


Young adults love to “hang around”. The gardens have been designed with many spaces on benches, low walls, and under trees for students to sit and relax, sharing lunch and ideas. All of these spaces are intended to assist students to form “deeply connected relationships” – one of our 4 key pillars of “Education to Thrive”. (The other pillars are being “purpose driven contributors”; “summit climbers” and “habit champions”.) 
Students at BAHS are permitted t have cell phones on property. These are incredible tools for connecting, researching, and investigating. They can also be dreadful weapons if used unwisely in social media platforms, spreading fake news etc. There are many programmes at BAHS which encourage self-regulation and wise use of technology. Such programmes also encourage “habit champions”.

What a beautiful light-filled and spacious room to create, design and produce incredible pieces of art and sculpture. Visual Art is an important and exceptional subject in our cohort of subjects. Please note the unique design of the cleaning basins outside the room, connected by a sliding window.


This is an important place where the family gathers to meet. Assemblies occur every Monday morning so that we can start the week with a focussed lesson, usually centred on one of the four pillars we believe are essential for thriving: “Purpose driven contributors”; “Summit Climbers”; “Habit Champions” and “Deeply connected relationship builders”. The Hall also sees special events like Drama festivals, public speaking and debates, awards ceremonies, and perhaps even the matric dance in a few years’ time!



The co-curricular programme is very important to us at Broadacres Academy. We believe that a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand. Every student must therefore take part in a school activity after school hours. These include Swimming, Tennis, Basketball, Chess, Choir, Drama Club, Public Speaking and Debating, Netball, Rugby, Touch Rugby, and Soccer. If you are keen to start or participate in something else, please raise your voice and canvas for it – this school is made to serve its students and their needs.

The Chartwell campus has an 8 lane 25m swimming pool to accommodate galas. The campus also has a large field for rugby, soccer and soft ball, three tennis/netball courts and a dedicated court for basketball.

The High School caters for choir, individualised music lessons, and clubs outsourced to provide for Drama, French and Chess. The offerings will continue to grow as the school grows.

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