We use the National Curriculum as a framework, under the guidance of the Independent Examinations Board (IEB).

We teach children using a Constructivist Education approach which allows children to learn in a natural way. From there we branch out and deliver the curriculum with a great deal more substance and purpose.

Constructivist teaching is based on the belief that learning occurs as children are actively involved in the learning process.

Constructivist teaching involves the design of learning experiences that allow children to construct and assign meaning to knowledge in an individual way.

Learners are thus the makers of their meaning and knowledge, resulting in deep personal and contextualised understanding.

Children are natural born learners, and we create an environment that stimulates their love of learning throughout their school career. Certain core curriculum standards need to be attained each year so that there is progression through the grades. Education at Broadacres Academy culminates in the National Senior Certificate (IEB) at Grade 12 level.

Our school is driven by the morals and values of a positive society. We instil discipline through continually driving home these morals and values, like courtesy, honesty, fairness and respect. Children are guided and encouraged to do the right thing.

A Code of Conduct, which is age-appropriate, guides and protects our students, creating a safe and fair learning environment.

In the Preschool, the classes are limited to 20 children per class depending on the age group of the class. There is an assistant in the Crèche, two and three-year-old classes.

In the Junior Preparatory School, the classes average 22 children per class.

In the Senior Preparatory, the classes average at 25 learners.

The High School class sizes average at 25 students.

We teach children in the way that children naturally learn, and provide learning support where required. This does not mean that we cater for children who may have developmental delays and other related barriers to learning and who still need the specialised environment that established remedial schools offer.

There is a bridging class option for Grade 1 – 4 with a maximum of 12 children per class. The purpose is to have an integrated learning environment for children who need specialist attention with the purpose of integrating into mainstream classes from Grade 5.

Our fees are realistic and competitive. Click on the button below to view our fees
The school is open from 07:00.
08:30 | 2-3 year olds
08:00 | 4-5 year olds
  • 12:30
  • 14:00
  • 17:30

Aftercare is available to the Preschool and Preparatory School children and caters for children staying up to 14:00 or 17:30.

The school is open from 06:45. The school day typically starts at 07:30. During Covid-19, we have grade-specific drop-off and collection times. These are communicated internally and are subject to change.
4 – 6 07:00 14:00 13:30
2 – 3 07:15 13:30 13:00
1 07:30 13:15 12:45
0 08:00 12:30 12:30

_________________________________________________________________ The school is open from 07:00.
7-12 07:30 14:30 13:30

Aftercare is available to the Preschool and Preparatory School children at an additional cost (as per the fee schedule). The Preschool aftercare runs until 14:00 or 17:30 each day and includes a cooked lunch, constant structured supervision and a light afternoon snack. Note that there is no aftercare on the days that we break up for half-term and end of term.

The school outsources the Holiday Care offering to Club Engage. There is a dedicated team from Club Engage who run a fun activity-based program in the school holidays.

Parents are responsible for transport arrangements to and from campus.

There is a shuttle that runs between the Chartwell and Syringa Campuses for early morning drop-off for siblings, at additional cost.

There are various transport options available, and should you wish to explore these, please feel free to get information from the Admin office on the appropriate email below.

We do not allow students to be dropped off or collected by Uber transport, unless a parent or guardian is present.

The preschool and junior prep school is situated at 28 Syringa Avenue, Broadacres, Johannesburg 2021

The senior prep and high school is situated at 249 Fifth Street, Chartwell, Johannesburg, 2055