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Khula Café is powered by Café Flava and is a light and contemporary Café with a fully-fledged kitchen at Broadacres Academy High School in Chartwell with a small coffee shop at the Broadacres Academy Preschool and Prep School in Broadacres. 

Khula Café offers pre-made meals and food-to-order with a wide variety of choices and drinks. 

Khula Café will run on all Broadacres campuses and will expand into more up-and-coming schools in the near future. 




Click the button below to download the app, you can find app instructions below.


You visit the play store or app store type in Flava Café and you will see the APP

Once the APP is downloaded. Press on the Account image and complete the following information. Add/Edit Delivery Address – Enter and add the schools delivery address. Add/Edit Credit Cards – Enter and add your debit, credit card details as it will save it for future purchases as well.

This allows you to view the schools listed on the Café Flava APP and once you select the school you can view the menu and offering.

You need to press on the Order image then select your school. Once you have selected your school the menu will open for you as a customer to select a category “ Breakfast, Sandwiches, Salads, Grills ext. Once you have selected your item add to cart. If you want to add more items on different categories you may do so by selecting the category on the top slide bar. Once all orders are added to your basket, you press on the basket, press checkout, select payment type here you click on your card, press on the delivery and collection bar. Press on the Delivery/collection Time and Extra Instructions bar it is critical to ensure that you provide the name , surname, grade and time of the order to be collected. Once this is all done you proceed by pressing on the PRESS HERE TO COMPELTE ORDER bar. The order will go directly to Broadacres Academy High School.

With every order placed the user will receive an email confirming the purchase with a receipt and can then use the unique code provided on the receipt for collection of the order at the canteen.

Each day at 8am in the morning order are cut of form the same day delivery or collection. If you place an order after 8am this will automatically be allocated to the next day’s orders to be prepared.

No, as it is linked to your credit/debit card when registered.

How to get started.

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1 to thrive, grow, flourish.

2 be your best self.

(see also: coffee, community, connection, conversation)

You email or visit the canteen. Whereby you will receive a dietary requirements form to be completed for Cafe Flava to ensure we cater to your requirements.

Once you have completed the dietary requirements form and you have selected your month or term of catering Cafe Flava will forward the client an invoice to be paid in full before catering commences.

Cafe Flava will have a list of each student with grade that have enrolled for the month or term. Cafe Flava will also provide a Lunch Club Card to the student which will have his or her Name, Surname and Photo on it. Should the student no longer want the lunch club offering, we will recall the card and remove the student from lunch list.

It is the customers / parents duty to inform the canteen immediately first thing in the morning to keep record and Cafe Flava will pass a credit for that day.

Cafe Flava will bill per month or term in advance depending on the days of school trade for the month or
term selected.

No, as Café Flava is also not Halaal certified but all poultry, and beef products are Halaal certified. All pork items are prepared with separate utensils and separate working surfaces.

It consists of a morning snack and fruit as well as lunch and a beverage.

The Menu is based on a four week cycle and changed each term. The menu is also approved by our

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Operating Hours

Monday – Friday
07h00 – 16h00

For any queries or concerns please contact: