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Meet A Teacher – Brendan Nortje

Now that Broadacres Academy High School is in full force, we took the time to get to know our high school Teachers, the backbone of any school. Meet Mr Nortje

Why I love teaching:

  • I love teaching, because I love making a difference in the lives of other people. I love creating opportunities for students to pursue their dreams. When I was still in school, teachers made a positive difference in my life and created memories that will stay with me forever, and I too want to be a positive role model and inspiration to my students, creating memories that last a lifetime. I wake up every day to the best job ever.

My teaching goal at BAHS:

  • To instill “Habit Champions” within our students. To create an opportunity for them to see the positive effect of living a healthy lifestyle through sport, academics, culture, social connections, community service and to build on their positive self-esteem. I hope to show them the way to be a positive contributor in our society and those closest to them. Thus ensuring them a better lifestyle by simply following their moral compass, just doing what is right. By creating and implementing this, I will lead them in example and practice.

What advice you have for your students at BAHS:

  • Always be yourself and never change for anyone. There is only one you, and that is more than enough. Do what makes you happy every single day and strive to be a better person for everyone around you. You create the future you want, and I want you to work on that every single day. Keep the end goal in sight, and you will achieve great things.

A fun fact about you:

  • I enjoy spending a lot of time with family and friends. I enjoy making time for them, and connecting as much as possible, to continue driving each other to be better than what we were the day before. I enjoy all sporting activities in my free time, such as, Indoor Cricket and Netball, playing Golf and going for a Hike. I also enjoy the bush a lot, and I go camping every opportunity I get. Inspiring those around me is what drives me the most.

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