Open Day Map

Welcome to our



Below is a map that will take you through the school and introduce points of interest.

Point 1

Welcome Centre

The Welcome Centre is where guests are welcomed on first entry to our beautiful school. Students pass by and through here each day. It houses our Reception area and sick bays. It is also the place of Khula Café, which is our very upmarket canteen/tuckshop. “Khula” means “to thrive” in isiZulu and this is the hallmark of everything we do and are at BAHS. We are a school that aims to enable each person, whether adult or student, to thrive. Khula Café sells a range of healthy foods and works on a cashless basis. It is outsourced.

Point 2

Our landscaping

Each section of our school has been meticulously planned. This extends to the landscaping which is largely indigenous and planned to showcase the beautiful South African flora. It also aims to attract bees and butterflies. The vegetable gardens are prime spots in our school. Here vegetable growing, planting, harvesting and uses in cooking, form part of the educational programme. Eating healthily and serving the community by growing our own vegetables and then making soup for people in need, is part of how we become “Habit Champions” – one of our 4 key pillars of an “Education to Thrive”. (The other pillars are being “purpose driven contributors”; “summit climbers” and “deeply connected relationship builders”.)

Point 3

Obstacle Course

There are three obstacle courses which wind their way through our school: 500m; 750m and 1km. As the students follow the printed hoof tracks through the school, they will encounter obstacles specifically designed to develop fine and gross motor coordination and improve physical fitness. The course is part of being a “Habit Champion” – one of our 4 key pillars of education to thrive. (The other pillars are being “purpose driven contributors”; “summit climbers” and “deeply connected relationship builders”.)

Point 4

Learning Spaces

The classrooms are called “Learning spaces” at BAHS. This is because we are determined to facilitate learning in a new and modern way. The non-traditional approach emphasises the learner and not the teacher; it emphasises learning through experiences rather than teaching via a facilitator. This is part of our Constructivist philosophy: children learn best when they “Learn, naturally”.
Each space has a unique flavour as it takes on the personality of the teacher and the atmosphere of the subject. Our teachers have been handpicked for their subject knowledge, experience, and professionalism, but also because they are intuitive and kind, always putting first the individual needs of each child entrusted into their care.

Point 5

CoLab Spaces

This is a particular learning space, where “collaboration” can take place through integrated study. Students should not learn in silos of specific subjects. The world is an integrated place where different areas, subjects, passions, and skills occur in an integrated fashion. For example, a chair designer needs to know about Mathematics (angles etc), Science (gravity and forces etc); Art (so that the chair looks beautiful), Business Economics (so that good sales can be made), Accountancy (so that the chair-producing company may make profit) and much, much more. The Colab space is filled with light. It is a relaxing place to stimulate creativity. Please note the beautiful furniture too!

Point 6

The Laboratories

Each laboratory has been equipped with water, gas, AC and DC electricity outlets, so that the best experiments may be conducted to enhance learning. Please note the blinds, especially sourced for the experiments requiring special UV lighting! This world births our future scientists, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, inventors, and healers, amongst others.

Point 7

"Chill Spaces"

Young adults love to “hang around”. The gardens have been designed with many spaces on benches, low walls, and under trees for students to sit and relax, sharing lunch and ideas. All of these spaces are intended to assist students to form “deeply connected relationships” – one of our 4 key pillars of “Education to Thrive”. (The other pillars are being “purpose driven contributors”; “summit climbers” and “habit champions”.) 
Students at BAHS are permitted t have cell phones on property. These are incredible tools for connecting, researching, and investigating. They can also be dreadful weapons if used unwisely in social media platforms, spreading fake news etc. There are many programmes at BAHS which encourage self-regulation and wise use of technology. Such programmes also encourage “habit champions”.

Point 8

Soft Tech

This learning space is dedicated to robotics and coding. We teach the languages of Python and Java. It is a space for experimentation and fun. E-Sports is also part of the modern world and has an important place at BAHS.

Point 9

Robust Tech

This space forms part of the Technology teaching. We aim for drills and glue guns etc for creating and inventing. Practical handiwork is as important as mental skill. BAHS aims for a fully-fledged vocational stream as part of “Vision 2027”. This means that we aim to have subjects such as Consumer Studies, Electrics, Plumbing, Tourism etc to suit the needs of technical and vocational training. Watch this space!

Point 10

Production Room

What a unique fixture in a school! Here a green screen and excellent sound and lighting means that students can learn the art of production. The film industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. If this doesn’t suit you, then at least you can have really impressively produced Tik-Tok!

Point 11

The Art Room

What a beautiful light-filled and spacious room to create, design and produce incredible pieces of art and sculpture. Visual Art is an important and exceptional subject in our cohort of subjects. Please note the unique design of the cleaning basins outside the room, connected by a sliding window.

Point 12

The Hall

This is an important place where the family gathers to meet. Assemblies occur every Monday morning so that we can start the week with a focussed lesson, usually centred on one of the four pillars we believe are essential for thriving: “Purpose driven contributors”; “Summit Climbers”; “Habit Champions” and “Deeply connected relationship builders”. The Hall also sees special events like Drama festivals, public speaking and debates, awards ceremonies, and perhaps even the matric dance in a few years’ time!

Point 13

Outside auditorium

It is as wonderful to meet in an enclosed space like the school hall, as it is in an outdoor space. This space is made for this opportunity – think of the Maynardville theatre in Cape Town!

Point 14

Swimming pool, fields, and courts

The co-curricular programme is very important to us at BAHS. We believe that a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand. Every student must therefore take part in a school activity after school hours. These include Swimming, Tennis, Basketball, Chess, Choir, Drama Club, Public Speaking and Debating, Netball, Rugby, Touch Rugby, and Soccer. If you are keen to start or participate in something else, please raise your voice and canvas for it – this school is made to serve its students and their needs.

Point 15

Graffiti Walls / Noticeboards

These are dotted around the school so that they communicate well by keeping students and parents informed of our events and activities. Certain boards are also there to spark creative ideas – one student starts with a thought and hopes to inspire others through collaboration and contribution. Boards are not used for racial, derogatory, sexual, or abusive comments. These will not be tolerated in our school. We are respectful of all races, religions, genders, and cultures. We have a Code of Conduct which protects the rights of all in our community, whilst encouraging responsible and respectful behaviours and attitudes.

Point 16


Each student is assigned to a House when they are enrolled at BAHS. We have three houses: Tamboti (blue), Marula (red) and Baobab (green). Houses are designed to encourage school spirit and relationship building. This is one of our 4 key pillars of “Education to Thrive”. (The other pillars are being “purpose driven contributors”; “summit climbers” and “habit champions”.) Each student is also assigned into a Tutor Group led by a Tutor Teacher. The group is made of mixed genders and ages. Deeply connected relationships are forged in these groups which meet once a week for an hour.

Point 17

The Admin Block

This is where the staffroom is located, as well as the Principal’s office, meeting rooms and the office for enrolments. It is the only remaining original building on the site that was once an agricultural holding. We are proud of some of the original features such as the kitchen and fireplace. Whilst our school was being built, the original 90 founding students used the spaces and the triple garage and classrooms. We believe that much of the unity and camaraderie was forged here as we watched and heard our school being built. How many students can claim this as part of their educational journey?

Point 18


As a modern, progressive and non-traditional school, our uniforms aim to be comfortable and flexible yet smart. Students may wear either a skirt, shorts or trousers/slax. There is a white, open-necked golf shirt which is branded. The blazer is worn with the golf shirt (Summer) and with a collard shirt (non-branded) in Winter. There is sports kit for the various sporting codes.

Point 19

Subject choices

BAHS follows the IEB curriculum. We offer a wide range of subjects catering for the skills and passions of individual students. In the Senior Phase, the students undertake the prescribed list but Grade 7s study Music and Art, whereas the Grades 8 and 9 make a choice between Music or Art. In Grade 10-12, there are the standard subject choices, but we also have the option to study Visual Arts. Unfortunately, at this early stage, we will not offer Drama or languages such as French. Should students wish to take these subjects, they may be arranged on an out-of-school/partner basis.

Point 20

Future expansion

Broadacres Academy is a school on the move! In 2023, our Senior Preparatory will move onto the property across the road. This will be a dedicated campus for this phase. We have also acquired land adjacent to the High School campus, which is mooted for sports fields and additional courts – perhaps even a sports pavilion!