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Broadacres Academy Junior Prep School
Broadacres Academy Member of ISASA
Broadacres Academy IEB Accreditation

The Age of Adventure

Explore the journey that will support your child as they develop their natural love of learning in the Preparatory School.

Bubbly conversations and joyful learning can be heard from our secure Senior Prep learning spaces. We create opportunities for the children to immerse themselves in exploratory learning during Grade 4 – 6. This forms the foundation of each child’s happy journey through the Prep School at Broadacres Academy. With our staff, your child will receive an excellent educational grounding in this critical, building-block stage of their schooling.

We're in the ground! Senior Prep Campus coming soon!

The Senior Preparatory campus is designed exclusively around the developmental and educational needs of the 21st Century intermediate phase child. The campus architecture embodies the philosophy of learning naturally whilst creating beautiful spaces where habit champions and summit climbers build strong relationships, make meaningful contributions and are all fully equipped to thrive in life. The new Senior Prep Campus broke ground in August 2023. 

Step into our classrooms and discover an organic, interactive, engaging, and supportive learning environment. With flexible seating arrangements and various learning centres – some of them embracing a natural outdoor setting, students are encouraged to explore, inquire, and make connections to deepen their understanding of various subjects. Learning at Broadacres Academy is situated in authentic, natural contexts that are meaningful and relevant to students’ lives. We provide real-world examples, problems, and challenges, making learning both meaningful and applicable.

At Broadacres Academy, we embrace the transformative power of constructivism in educational practice, unlocking the full potential of our students in the Junior and Senior Preparatory.

Our approach is deeply aligned with our four pillars –  to encourage Summit Climbers, Habit Champions, Purpose-Driven Contributors, and Deeply Connected Relationship Builders – guiding our students on their path to flourishing. Our approach is rooted in the belief that children actively construct their knowledge and understanding of the world through experiences, interactions, and reflections – learning naturally.

We understand the nature of children and how they learn. Our approach to learning centres around the child. Our learning spaces are dynamic and movable, allowing for flexibility and open-mindedness. The beauty of our natural surrounds and the contemporary farm-like feel at our school make outdoor learning possible.

Our school is a happy, thoughtful and caring space grounded by our community values of kindness, integrity, empathy, courtesy, love for the environment and compassion.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

We believe that learning is a journey of exploration,

A collaboration between learner and teacher,
Inspired by curiosity,

Guided by professional insight and commitment,

Grounded in community values,

And focused on the natural development of each child’s potential.

Enrich their school day with fun.

Nurture a happy, confident child.

Develop a natural love of learning.

Join our campus head for a weekly walkabout of our senior prep school at our Chartwell campus, and learn all about the bespoke senior prep campus coming in 2024!


Intuitive learning for the Information Age.

Broadacres Academy delivers the curriculum in an integrated way. We use the National Curriculum as our framework. We believe that integrating knowledge fits the educational paradigm of the information age better. An integrated curriculum is also suited to the way the brain recognises and processes new information; as well as the brain’s natural ability to combine new information with existing knowledge.

Our curriculum is created through an active process in which planning, acting and evaluating are all commonly related and incorporated into the process. It is guided and informed by the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) – a national policy set out by the Department of Education (UMALUSI accredited) – that states what should be included in the curricula of schools for each grade in South Africa.


Our Senior Prep offers mainstream learners smaller classes, with a maximum of 25 children per class. We teach children in the way that they intuitively learn and we aim to keep each child’s unique learning style in mind in the classroom.

Our small classes provide the opportunity for each child to flourish through individual attention, and a personalised environment where each child feels that they belong.

Supporting Real Learning

Our educators strive to be facilitators, guiding and supporting students in their journey of knowledge construction. We believe in the power of student input, valuing their perspectives, and fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment in their education.

Inquiry is at the heart of our constructivist approach. Students are encouraged to ask questions, investigate, and seek answers through hands-on activities, experiments, and research. This process promotes critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a profound understanding of concepts.We emphasise active learning, where students participate in constructing their knowledge through discussions, debates, group projects, presentations, and simulations. Collaboration with peers fosters social skills, teamwork, and a deeper understanding of diverse viewpoints.

Constructivist education encourages students to reflect on their learning experiences, enabling them to become aware of their thinking processes and strengthen their self-awareness. Assessment at Broadacres focuses on understanding and growth, not just grades. Students are assessed through various means, and teachers provide constructive feedback that guides their learning journey.

We recognise the diverse learning needs and styles of our students, offering various learning opportunities and resources to accommodate different preferences and abilities. Broadacres Academy fosters a sense of community and a love for lifelong learning. Our students develop social skills, empathy, and respect for diverse perspectives. The classroom becomes a safe and inclusive space where everyone’s contributions are valued and celebrated.

Broadacres Academy is a Microsoft school and uses Microsoft Teams. Students are given the opportunity to collaborate and communicate with teachers as well as peers in an easy, accessible way. In the high school and Senior Preparatory students are required to bring their own devices (with minimal specs suggested).

Technology is used to enhance the student learning experience in certain classrooms, creating students who are actively engaged with the content being taught. Gamification is one of the tools used to turn boring tasks such as learning to type faster, into a competitive, fun activity.

We offer a digital literacy programme to help students from pre-primary school into high school, to develop the skills required to be good digital citizens and purpose-driven contributors.

Students are taught to make full use of technology by finding and evaluating information, as well as creating and sharing digital content (for example creating a digital magazine by collaborating, researching, and creating the content and then sharing the magazine with parents and teachers). Students create presentations using various programmes and applications. They are encouraged to present their work in innovative ways such as creating movies or podcasts.

Collaborative learning spaces with various seating areas are available where students can explore technology as well as collaborate while engaging in project-based learning.

We incorporate technology to enhance learning experiences, encouraging students to use digital tools for research, collaboration, and creative expression. Technology opens doors to a world of knowledge beyond the classroom.

Music and Cultural Activities

At Broadacres Academy, we proudly cultivate a unique blend of academic excellence and vibrant cultural diversity. Our music, choir and cultural programs stand at the forefront of this enriching educational experience enhancing the ethos of our school, allowing our students to embrace the universal language of music while celebrating their own unique cultural backgrounds.

Within our nurturing environment, the Broadacres Academy choirs strive to be symphonies of talent. Here, voices from diverse backgrounds unite to create harmonious melodies. Through dedicated practice and soul-stirring performances, our students learn the power of collaboration, discipline, and the sheer joy of artistic expression.

Music Matters

Broadacres Academy boasts a comprehensive music education programme based on the Kodaly programme that fosters musical skills and ignites a lifelong passion for music. Whether students are learning to play instruments, composing their own melodies, or delving into the captivating history of music, they embark on an enriching musical journey.

Our peripatetic music programmes allow students to discover the magic of mastering an instrument, express themselves through melodies, and become part of a harmonious ensemble.

We take great pride in celebrating the mosaic of cultures that grace our school community – especially at our weekly assemblies. From vibrant cultural festivals, soirees, and inspiring performances, to captivating art exhibitions, our students gain a profound appreciation for the world’s diverse heritage while showcasing their own cultural richness.

At Broadacres Academy, education extends far beyond the classroom. We believe that physical education and co-curricular activities are an integral part of a well-rounded education, where students not only learn academically but also grow personally and discover their true passions. Our offerings are designed to ignite imaginations, nurture talents, and instill a love for lifelong learning.

Our young athletes have the opportunity to explore a wide range of sports, fostering teamwork and a healthy competitive spirit. For the sports aficionados, our students can enjoy tennis, swimming, softball, basketball, soccer, netball, rugby, and even cross country to keep their competitive spirits alive.

We prioritize physical education to ensure students maintain active and healthy lifestyles. Through physical education programs, students develop physical fitness, motor skills, and an understanding of the importance of well-being.

Explore the world of creativity with our Art Club, Dance Crew, Drama, and Chess where students can channel their inner artist or performer.

For those looking to take their skills to the next level, we offer a wide array of extra-cost activities. Whether it’s honing swimming techniques, discovering the art of ballet, embracing the rhythm of drums, or even mastering a new language, our diverse range of options ensures that every student can find their niche.

At Broadacres Academy, we celebrate individuality, encourage exploration, and empower students to thrive in both their academic and co-curricular pursuits. Join us on a journey where talents flourish, passions ignite, and futures are shaped.


Please note that fees are subject to change.

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The Prep School uniform can be purchased from our uniform stockists, McCullagh and Bothwell in Fourways Crossing.

Broadacres Academy follows the ISASA three-term calendar. These term dates apply to the Preschool, Prep School and High School. The school is closed during the mid-term breaks as well as school holidays, with holiday care offered at Our Little Village for pre and prep school. 

The school is open from 07:00. The school day starts at 08:00.

4 – 608:0014:0013:30

Aftercare is available to the Preschool and Preparatory School children and caters for children staying up to 15:30 or 17:00.

At Our Little Village, we’ve created a haven where children belong, a home away from home to provide the peace of mind parents need.

Our in-house service has its own experienced staff, delightful, safe settings and are packed with age-appropriate, fun-filled activities that focus on the social development of the children in our care. This service beautifully compliments the Broadacres ethos of kindness and care, and is an extension of the learning that occurs during the academic day.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional safety standards, wonderfully prepared meals during our clubs and a close and protective bond with the children.

Aftercare is available to the Preparatory School children at an additional cost (as per the fee schedule), and runs until 17h00 each day. Closing time is at 17:00 with gates closing at 17:30. There is a half-day option until 15:30. It includes a cooked lunch, constant structured supervision and a light afternoon snack. Note that there is no aftercare on the days that we break up for half-term and end-of-term.

Holiday Care is run internally by Our Little Village in all our school holidays, with minimal closure times.  

Parents are responsible for transport arrangements to and from campus.

There is a shuttle that runs between the Chartwell and Syringa Campuses.

There are various transport options available, and should you wish to explore these, please feel free to get information from the Admin office on the email below.

Junior and Senior Prep –

We do not allow students to be dropped off or collected by Uber transport, unless a parent or guardian is present.

At Broadacres Academy, we have a variety of enriching activities on offer across the preparatory school.

Extra-murals on offer (included in school fees):

  • Soccer (Winter) (Grade 0 – 6)
  • Netball (Winter) (Grade 0 – 6)
  • Choir (Grade 1 – 6)

Extra-cost activities on offer (billed by the service providers to parents directly):

  • Cricket (Grade 0-6)
  • Drama (Grade 0 – 6)
  • Modern Dancing (Grade 0 – 6)
  • Tennis Coaching (Grade 0 – 4)
  • Individual Music Lessons (Piano, Guitar, Voice, Violin and Ukulele).

If you’d like to find out more information, please get in touch with us – you can call us on 010 271 1700.

We would love to hear from you and are happy to answer any and all of your questions.

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