Teaching preschoolers online

Teaching Preschool online? Challenge accepted!

They said we couldn’t do it! We said “Challenge accepted!”

As a preschool teacher I know that our jobs are hands on. I know that you can never replace the the warmth of a teacher’s embrace through a screen.

So many questions crowded my mind:


How am I ever going to recreate my classroom space online? How am I going to carry on teaching with limited resources?


These were just some tip of the iceberg thoughts running through my head when it came to online learning for preschoolers. Guess what? We’ve proved them wrong! Following up on my online sessions, I’ve been able to create the same learning experience for my children.

Passion and creativity the secret

And do you know what the secret is? Passion, enthusiasm, imagination, creation, patience and love! You can never take that away from a teacher.It’s infused into each and every one of us.

Seeing my children interact with me on the other side of the screen has been incredibly rewarding. In fact, just as rewarding as being in class. After each session I still feel that warmth and excitement that I would get in my classroom. I hear things like,


“My child can’t stop talking about our discussion this morning,” or, “My child can’t wait for our video calls.”

Learning is taking place

Well, that can only mean one thing, that learning has taken place and is working up a storm in our children’s active imaginations – just like at school.

Rising to the challenge

I, of all teachers, thought this would be a challenge. I’m super affectionate, hands on and physical, and I run my class very much with a spur of the moment type style. For me, I thought my challenge would most definitely be the technology part and keeping my children interested and engaged.

Weaknesses become strengths

It turns out that some of what I thought were weaknesses are turning into strengths, and I’ve built up my confidence and grown as a teacher. For me I’ve adopted the idea that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to push myself to develop as a teacher and as a person.


I would never have imagined how much I would enjoy the online platform.


My creative juices are flowing all day long and my head is just filled with so many exciting ideas. Trust me when I say I was not confident with technology before. I had no need to be, but life has thrown us all a curve ball and we adapt and grow.


Engage with this journey

A word of advice to all the teachers and parents out there. Engage in this journey with an open mind and positivity.

Support your teachers and teachers support your parents. We are learning together. Parents, when would you ever have been able to learn so many educational games, ideas and reasons why we do things?


This is your time to learn too.

See the magic

Online learning in the Preschool is not only possible, but I’ve seen and felt it through my own laptop screen.


I’ve seen the magic.


No, we can’t hug. No, we can’t embrace one another, but we can create a vibe that is just as awesome, fun and engaging.



Yes, some days will be better than others, just like in a normal classroom. Yes, some days the children will be a bit miserable and other days they will be more focused. This is life and life carries on, just in a different way for now, but with the same emotions and feelings.

All I want to say is make the most of this moment.


I aspire to inspire.


Just a passionate preschool teacher,
Teacher Stacey

Broadacres Academy

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